Máy POS bán hàng - SUREPOS 300

Máy POS bán hàng - SUREPOS 300

Liên hệ
Toshiba Tec
Cấu hình : Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz
Bộ nhớ :  256Mb RAM.
Dung lượng :  40Gb HDD.
Kết nối Parallelx1, RS-232x3, USBx4, PS/2x1, 10/100Base-Tx1.
Kết nối với két đựng tiền, màn hình hiển thị giá, máy in hóa đơn thành một bộ máy bán hàng hoàn chỉnh.
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Profit-friendly, save your budget
The cost-effective IBM SurePOS 300 giai-phap optimizes your POS investment and lowers total cost of ownership. It offers retail-hardened design for extended service life and is built on open standards for POS application and operating system choice. SurePorts options enable retailers to choose USB or RS232 so the giai-phap works with legacy peripherals as well as the leading industry trends. The giai-phap is also easy to manage and service with IBM Retail Systems Management (RMA) that helps monitor environmental variables and enables proactive maintenance. Easy tool-free access to the hard drive and power supply result in higher uptime and reduced IT service costs.

Empower your store, on-target data
The IBM SurePOS 300 delivers the valuable information you need to maintain a successful operation. Unlike a PC cash drawer or electronic cash register, this advanced POS helps drive business, enabling retailers to collect valuable information with each transaction. POS data can be used for monitoring daily financial returns, inventory management, merchandise planning, supply chain management and loyalty programs. And, an IBM POS performs at a lower cost per customer that a PCCD, due to faster, more accurate service.1 It’s the same advanced technology employed by global retail brands, engineered and priced for the smaller retailer.

Save the planet, lower costs
Retailers are able to reduce costs from substantial energy savings, more than ever before, while employing “green” technology. A new, highly efficient power supply and ultra low volt Intel® Celeron® mobile processor save 35% on energy. Plus IBM’s innovative deep sleep2 mode can save another 47% of energy…reducing utility costs.
Deep sleep means that the system is in a low power mode and conserving almost as much energy as in the off state. Unlike powering down, deep sleep is much faster and more reliable to get your system up and running when it is needed again. RMA also supports the deep sleep state. This means the system can be turned off and back on remotely. For example, you can easily manage your system to go into deep sleep during slow periods during the day and resume as needed. Or after store closing you can set the systems to wake up in the morning before employees arrive. The greatest energy savings can be realized when the system is engaged in deep sleep for a minimum of 12 hours each day.
The IBM SurePOS 300 giai-phap meets strict worldwide environmental directives and product end-of-life requirements to restrict hazardous materials. Manufacturing systems made with plastics and metal parts that are totally recyclable and providing only documentation required by law help reduce landfill waste. And now packaging materials are not only recyclable, but also made of 100% recycled post-consumer waste, including box inserts made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Small footprint, big performance
Less is more with the IBM SurePOS 300 system…less cost, less space, less energy. Our smallest POS is now 37% smaller—measuring just over 10 inches (257 mm) in length. This amazingly small footprint offers flexible space-saving placement and remarkable versatility.
Distributed components are designed to work together and allow for ideal placement to enhance your store image. Storage options include hard drive upgrade to micro flash drive (MFD). And a front USB port makes CD, DVD or floppy attachment simple. The giai-phap provides fast transactions to reduce wait times and enables customer loyalty programs and special promotions that help increase customer satisfaction and grow sales.



 Intel Celeron M 1GHz 




 512MB Memory 


 160GB HDD 


 10.4” TFT LCD


 RS-232x4, USBx4, PS/2x1, 10/100Base-Tx1 


 11.8” x 8.5” x 3.6” / (300mm x 216mm x 90mm) 


 8lbs (3.6kg) 


 Máy in hóa đơn, két đựng tiền, màn hình hiển thị giá 


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